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Sounds of Obscure Significance 1


Trip-Thy – Sounds of Obscure Significance (2021)

Sounds of Obscure Significance 1

Based in Bangalore, India, Trip-Thy’s debut album “Sounds of Obscure Significance” was released on the 25th of August 2021. Their music is described as “unsettling and confused” and “free and evolving” by the founders themselves, and their five sophisticated tracks prove that this description is well-deserved. By making use of different rhythmic structures and powerful electric guitar riffs, the songs show the project’s progressive rock and metal roots. The album also manages to establish an eccentric atmosphere that brings the tracks and the cover art together in less than 30 minutes.

1. Sounds of Obsig 1 (1:32)

The first track of the album starts off with a distorted riff that’s backed up by deep background noises, which makes the listener feel as if they’re in the universe of the album’s cover. The acoustic guitar enters the song, and right when you expect the song to fade out, the intense electric guitar riff and heavy drumming start. This short track really shows the band’s metal roots and their overall style.

2. Female Genocide (8:35)

The second track opens with a massive guitar riff and heavy drumming, which establishes the tone for the rest of the song. The drumming and the guitar riff are complex, which often incorporate rhythmic gymnastics. An ambient sound is introduced, accompanied by small embellished guitar licks. Halfway through the track, the vocals are introduced, with heavy riffs similar to the earlier ones. Ensuing this heavy and powerful instrumentation, the ambient and soothing sound comes to end the track.

3. Unchant (8:31)

An arpeggio with an ominous feel with soft vocals opens the third track. After a while, the bass and drums are introduced, fleshing out the texture of the song. The instrumentation suddenly turns jazzy with flavorful lines and riffs. After a wah solo, a chaotic and buzzing electric guitar riff drives the song. This electric guitar part is intermittently interrupted for small breaks that create contrasting highs and lows, giving the track the momentum to set up a successful ending and a sound transition to the next track.

4. Sounds of Obsig 1.5 (2:47)

It’s quite logical that the 1.5 would have a similar ambiance to the first track, Sounds of Obsig 1. However, this track’s electric guitar riff is more prolonged and gets the time that it deserves in the song. The irregular rhythm makes the song interesting, and the sudden transition to an acoustic guitar and soft vocal duo brings a calm closure to the song.

5. From Sonic Intentions (7:29)

The final track of the album features vocals, though they’re not in the foreground, they’re rather another instrument that makes up the atmosphere of the song. The song is similar to the previous songs in terms of structure, shifting to the acoustic guitar and vocal duo, and then back to the electric guitar and drumming combo. This track doesn’t have the progressive metal element emphasized as much as the other tracks, but still leaves the listener with a good impression.

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