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Count the Dead (2021)


The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Count the Dead (2021)

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara are once again bringing up important issues in the form of innovative and original art: the duo’s second studio album “Trust No Leaders” is due 2022, and their newest single “Count the Dead”s release date is approaching fast. Mark your calendars for the 8th of October, as this new single is not something to miss out on: the duo has really stepped up their game both musically and lyrically.

“Count the Dead” starts off with an electric guitar riff on an interestingly divided beat and establishes the track’s dark and heavy atmosphere. When the voice of Daphne Ang appears, the guitar and the drums in the background slow down to put the lyrics into the spotlight. The poetic lyrics, a characteristic charm of the duo, are focused on the issues societies are dealing with in the status quo. TCOMAS had left their mark with their debut album “Full Spectrum” by dealing with similar concepts, but their new single shows that they have focused even more on the expression of rage towards the people that are to blame. The leaders who “gamble with lives” and “look away as the bodies pile high” are the ones who cause the mass hysteria we are in, and TCOMAS isn’t afraid to point at them.

The growls and metal elements that are used in certain intervals, featuring more melodic vocals, set the song apart from the previous album’s songs. They highlight the direness of situation that is caused by the people at the top, the injustices, and the inequalities by expressing rage in its purest form. They also tell the audience that it’s the people’s turn to get their voices heard. “What humanity needs is a great reset” is certainly a great lyric: the duo points at the leaders that had gathered in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting titled “The Great Reset” in an ironic context, highlighting the incompetence and wickedness of those in power.

We can’t help but, once again, appreciate how TCOMAS is bringing up the things that are left unsaid as artists with platforms.

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