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Sonic Tides – Through My Bones (2021)

Sonic Tides is a Belgian alternative rock band created by the association of 5 musicians coming from different musical backgrounds. It’s the fusion of their diverse influences that brings their music to life. Their first EP “Six Sided Square – 1st” is the result of their work during the pandemic. The band released their first EP independently.

Sonic Tides is a huge subversive sound ranging from noise rock to stoner rock with psychedelic touches. Their music makes us dive into their duality between dissonant sounds and hypnotic harmonies.

Photo/Artwork by Gaux

Through My Bones (2021)

“Through My Bones” is the last song of the band’s inaugural EP, Six Sided Square – 1st. The song starts with a slow & dissonant guitar riff with plenty of reverb, which creates an almost hazy, but puzzling atmosphere. This riff is then accompanied by swelling keyboards that fit in perfectly with the chromatic-walking bass line. At the 48-second mark, the intro ends with all the instruments stopping and the vocals, “Tears in the ground”, takes us to the first verse. The space left between the transition from the intro to the verse is an interesting choice by the band. It is often hard to keep the listeners’ attention when there is this much space in the part. Nevertheless, the band demonstrates that it can be used successfully as a device to emphasize the vocals and the tone of the song. The verse has a groovy feeling. The arpeggiated guitars, the accented bass, and the hi-hat groove on the drums make the listener feel as if they’re moving with the narrative of the song.

Photographer: Gedeon

At the 1 minute 22 second mark, the song takes an unexpected turn, and the chorus comes. The vocals shout “Through My Bones” and two distorted guitars kick in: one playing heavy chords, and the other droning on dissonant notes. This section serves as a nice dynamic contrast with the first part of the song, thus underlining the theme of the song, which explores the reality of what our consciousness is and means. The song is a journey through different vibes and moods that call back to the complexity and unstructured nature of our consciousness. After one more verse and a chorus, an instrumental breakdown begins. This nearly 3-minute section is dominated by a melodic guitar solo. The sweet, but the distorted tone of the guitar gives it almost a voice, alerting the listeners about the complexity of their consciousness. In the middle of this instrumental section, spoken voices quoting the current best attempts by people to define the mystery that is our consciousness can be heard. These give the song a theatrical or dramatic feel. The quotes end with a powerful drum fill and leave its space to a psychedelic instrumental guitar madness. The song ends with the chanting of the track name and a deep bass riff, leaving the listener contemplating.

Overall, “Through My Bones” is a very emotional and fulfilling song for the listener. It is fun, thought-provoking, energetic, and mellow at the same time, which provides a pleasurable listener experience.

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