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Last Inside 4 Singles (2021)

Last Inside is a Finnish band that combines punk, rock, and all kinds of alternative music. They strive to create a fresh sound with catchy tunes and melodies. They do not restrict themselves to a certain genre and compose a wide array of music from different styles. The style of their music stems from their mood while writing the lyrics and the composition process. Last Inside defines their music as limitless and straight from the heart.


Last Inside’s frontman Henri has been playing guitar and doing backup vocals in many bands, but his biggest desire has always been to do his own style of music, spilling his soul and heart to lyrics and creating something totally new, with melodic tunes. To achieve this dream, he contacted his good friend Matti and asked if he could help him out. Matti got excited about the idea and they started to spend a lot of time rehearsing together. Then, they played their demos to Ismo, one of the best drummers around them, and asked if he would be interested in joining the team. Well, Ismo jumped in instantly. Ismo is a professional mixer, so the first song, Dolls, was done at the end of the year 2020 and it got released on the 8th of January 2021, which was the Day Last Inside came out from the shadows.

Check them out if you like bands like Bad Religion, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Therapy?, AFI, Weezer, Blink-182, or Dredg. These are the bands that inspired Last Inside to create.

  • Dolls (2.39)

    “Dolls” is a punk-rock song, which starts with bright guitars and a drum fill that takes the listener straight to the action. The song is a tribute to melodic skate punk which tells a story about us, the people (dolls) who are controlled by the rich who rule the world, using us as their instrument. The chorus is almost like an anthem, with shouting vocals that energize the listener. The second verse is about the consequences of this order of the world, which then takes us to a melodic guitar solo. The solo begins at the 1-minute 23-second mark, and it takes the song up a notch. The solo underlines the main melody of the song while still being riff-heavy. The song approaches the end with an almost chanting section, a punchy guitar riff, and huge drum fill. Overall, Dolls achieves what the listener expects from a good punk-rock song: energy, distorted guitars, and a huge sound.
the album art of “Dolls”
  • Last Ones (4.03)

    The band takes a very different turn with “Last Ones”, especially compared to “Dolls”. This song got inspiration from the annexation of Crimea, where Russians suddenly decided to take control of the Ukrainian area. Wars are happening all the time and there are no winners, only losers. The first ones to lose everything are the people. The song begins with roomy and reverting guitars, which sets the atmosphere for the verse. In contrast with the intro, the song returns to a more distorted sound after the verse, with a different drum groove and a guitar riff. The vocals are what make this song catchy. The singing is emotional, motivational, and captivating at the same time. The awaited guitar solo kicks in at the 2 minutes 46 seconds mark, and it comes in with a bang. The solo is a fast-shredding one, but it fits in with the song perfectly. After the solo, the song takes a very emotional turn with a piano and string interlude, which makes the song feel resolved and calm. The song ends with all the instruments kicking in and with the last lyrics “last ones, we are in a land filled with blood”.
album art of “Last Ones”
  • Defective Reality (2.30)

    Defective Reality is a rock anthem driven by heavy guitar, resounding drums, impressive vocals, and lively bass. Although pretty catchy and potent on its own, the musical punch it packs isn’t the only impact leaves on the listener. The song also delivers commentary on the media and societal expectations, staying in line with the punk-rock/alt-rock spirit. It reminds us that the ideals set by modern media demand zealous obedience; that glorified role models are idolized, and that we are constantly told how to look and how to behave. Defective Reality reminds us that this control of information and things to look up to is almost as if the media dictates what we should do with our lives, and what is real and what is not. This powerful message is complemented by masterful rhythm and lead guitars, energizing vocals, and an overall instrumental consistency that creates this impressive song.
the album art of “Defective Reality”
  • Marching Determined (2.57)

    Marching Determined is the martial music of life. Starting with classic marching drums, the song promptly turns into an empowering rock piece with guitar as loud and strong as the song inspires us to be. Last Inside’s powerful vocals are once again prominent, and do a great job delivering the inspiring lyrics. The words “we” are repeated multiple times as a motif that reminds us of our unity, and “we” are said to be strong and proud. We are instructed to be ourselves, to be what we want to be and to own it. This empowering rock anthem once again rebels against whatever expectations people may have for us, and tells us to break their control over us and do whatever we want to do. After all, only by accepting ourselves as we are can we accept everyone else. The lyrics aren’t the only thing that motivates us as the booming guitar and diverse drum fills fill the listener with the motivation to reject any foreign authority over us and embrace ourselves too. Last Inside has done an impressive job conveying their message with this song which evokes both rebellious emotions and listening pleasure.
album art of “Marching Determined”

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