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Feverseed – Let Yourself Down (2021)

The new Feverseed debut Let Yourself Down was released worldwide on February 1st, 2021 through Hice Records. Check out their website ! Give it a listen on Spotify here ! Feverseed on YouTube Feverseed on Facebook Feverseed is a New York rock quartet founded by singer/lyricist George Panagakos and bass player Chris Crosby. Chris and George are both multi-instrumentalists who have been writing and recording together for years. They’ve explored many musical genres, but the common threads of their memorable and melodic compositions, which feature George’s unique and powerful voice are always present.

In 2019 they decided to quench their thirst for rock and Feverseed was born. With George producing, singing, and playing rhythm guitar & piano and Chris playing bass & guitar, they were ready to hit the studio and record their debut. To complete the band’s lineup, they were joined by lead guitarist Wibbus and drummer Drew Bertrand shortly before recording commenced. With the Let Yourself Down EP, the band delivers a powerful and soulful debut that is sure to please fans of the guitar-driven rock world. Let Yourself Down features three remarkable songs, each with its own personality. The title track is an anthem of loss and redemption, “Beat Me” is a fast and sexy powerhouse, and “Imprint” is an intimate epic of love and longing. The band is currently preparing a North American tour in support of their debut release when live performance restrictions are lifted.

The title track of the album begins with a Pixiesesque clean guitar intro. However, the listeners shouldn’t get fooled by the mellow intro because with the first verse the song starts to rock! A huge atmosphere is created by the drums, the overdriven guitars, and the bass which gives the powerful vocal lines a place to shine. This atmosphere leads to the chorus: “And so you let yourself down And everything you loved…” The song is an anthem of loss and redemption and this is accentuated by the lyrics. After the chorus, a verse with piano enters which contrasts with the hard rock sound of the rest of the song. Nevertheless, this contrast effectively conveys the emotion to the listener. At the 4 minutes 18 seconds mark, a melodic guitar solo kicks in which escalates the energy of the song. The solo doesn’t disrupt the flow of the song; it gently summarizes all the emotions in the song and puts a mellow period at the end of the song. Overall, Let Yourself Down checks all the boxes that one might expect from a good rock song. It is melodic, it is passionate, it has a killer guitar solo and it sounds huge. Click here to give it a listen!

The song starts with classical alt-rock style vocals and guitar accompaniment. Dynamic use of drums in the background makes the listener tap their feet and the effect of the song lingers in mind. In the first half-chorus, tension increases but not totally. The song starts to give the feeling of a broken heart and resistance against the “Fabled Lady.” “But you can’t keep me in the motherfuckin’ ground No matter how much you beat me” The song continues with its dynamic rhythm and continuous melody. The song’s theme is a rather original one. It could have been made longer but at this point, it’s a great choice to cut the song short. Because in the listener’s mind, it makes the song much easier to absorb. The song hits with repeated verses and a strong chorus. With a sudden end, the listener is left hanging on. It’s inevitable to click the play button again. Click here to give it a listen yourself!

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