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Collected Senses – Horizon (2021)

Collected Senses is a three-piece grunge band from Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by well-known bands like Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, Collected Senses offer a promising future for the next generation of grunge.

Their debut single, Horizon, was released in September 2021. Featuring powerful vocals, smashing drums and melodic guitar riffs, Horizon is a rock ballad with a strong feel of nostalgia. The song begins with a clean guitar melody, setting the mood for a serene intro. However, this changes with the entrance of distortion guitars and the drums, and the song shifts into a heavier vibe.

“I’m driving far away
Over the horizon
I’m over the horizon

I’m drifting, switching lanes
Over the horizon
I’m over the horizon”

These simple yet effective lyrics, delivered with Eddie-Vedder-esque vocals, help describe the surrounding atmosphere, offering an inside look into the mind of the narrator. The lines are open to interpretation, and it’s almost as if the narrator compares the various stages of life to a highway, reaching for the horizon. In this context, going over the horizon could mean achieving a life goal, or in a completely opposite way, it could also be about stopping to reach for these goals and just enjoying life as it is.

Overall, Horizon is a powerful song with a calm, nostalgic vibe. You should definitely check it out if you’re into new-wave grunge.

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